RamTD 2017 built on the success of its popular predecessors and boasts many new indispensible features. If you are familiar with the earlier version you will welcome the tools designed to further streamline your business operations.

RamTD 2017 operates in a graphical environment with an intuitive interface. It has been designed with the view to reducing the learning curve, making it even easier to use, so that your employees will be up and running in a matter of hours.
Accepting orders over the phone or via the internet couldn’t be easier. RamTD will cross reference the incoming caller’s ID to your growing customer data base allowing for faster despatch to repeat customers. RamTD can make table reservation while monitoring existing diners for a smooth service. Staff may be alerted prior to reservation so that diners will not be kept waiting.

The strength of our system lies in its ability to adapt to your business. Every feature can be customised to work seamlessly with your services. Options can be easily configured to your requirements, allowing for a multitude of variations specific to your business requirements. RamTD 2017 is now fully multi-lingual for easier use by you and your staff.
Multiple employee types may be setup with various levels of access to the system. The system can arrive preinstalled with your complete menu. Food items can then be added and updated via the control panel. RamTD 2017 supports multiple menu configurations should you wish to offer a multi cuisine menu.
Ram TD dedicated hardware the new all in one touch screen computer system works seamlessly with our software and removes the need for a bulky computer and fiddly pen device. Staff may communicate with each other via the wireless intranet while orders are beamed to the chef.

RamTD Features

  • Chef Screen
  • Driver Screen
  • Customizable Menu
  • Multi Menu Function
  • Simple Order Taking
  • Customer Database
  • Restaurant Management
  • Manage Credit Customers
  • Prioritise Orders By location
  • Online Order Taking Facility
  • Advanced Automated Reports
  • Leaflet distribution Coordination
  • Table Reservation Management
  • All in One Touch Screen Computer System
  • Wireless Communication between Terminals
  • Hand Held Devices for Remote Order Taking
  • Stock Control and Supply Side Management
  • 0800 telephone Support for Registered Users