You receive an order by phone accompanied by a visual alert on the screen, the caller’s ID is logged and when this customer calls again the details are made available to you immediately. New customer details are recorded by you and stored on your data base for future use. The order details are then taken and the customers favourites and last order stored.




Should you wish to quickly add a new menu or customise a current one, we have provided simple editing panels ideal for on-the-fly menu customisation or for the first time user who is not comfortable with the advance customisation features.




The chef may receive his instructions wirelessly from the operator and can set about preparing the food immediately; similar items may be grouped for efficiency. Upon completion he can then mark the entire list as completed were they will be passed onto the delivery team or waiter.




The designated manager or those with administrator privileges may access advanced configuration panels were, they can add or remove users and setup access privileges as well as schedule employee work patterns calculate wages and cash up for the day. This is effectively the brain of the system and can be used to customise almost every feature.




RamTD 2017 now supports advance analytical reports which allow managers to gauge every aspect of the operation from the productivity of the work force to the current stock requirements. The combination of at a glance overview and in depth analysis allows for the business’s operations and business accounting to be conducted, you will find everything that you need to know about your business on this screen.
Furthermore, should you require any more report features let us know and we will be happy to integrate them into your software.


Arrange Screen

Arrange orders for delivery efficiency quickly using the arrange order screen, orders can be automatically grouped according to postal location by checking the delivery co-ordinates on the map to save your drivers time, petrol and your business money.




Easily organise your regional marketing campaigns with our leafleting tool.
Keep track of your marketing materials by monitoring the number of leaflets sent out according to the on screen map. The leaf letters can record how many have been distributed upon returning to base and the system keeps tracking the distributed areas so you don’t have to.




RamTD 2017 come equipped with advanced inbuilt mapping facilities to rapidly dispatch customer deliveries. Furthermore, all enqueued delivery locations can be grouped according to their co-ordinates so that the quickest route can be planned. This screen can be printed or sent to a GPS system.